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the war god of hawaii
a hellbent little bitch ready to suck your life away to only ruin anothers
beware the malia
also the word substitute for fuck
malia destroyed my friendships
what a little malia
the revenge of malia
by regulator666 September 11, 2009
someone who is very pretty, has lots of friends, fierce, takes good pictures, good kisser, friendly, nice, loves life.
I love Malia<3
by jbfan14 August 09, 2008
A Hawaiian Goddess.
Malia and I has sex on the north shore of the island of Oahu.

Malia sleeps in gold and purple sheets, a sign of royalty.

Malia is my kind of rain.
by Shoots brah March 11, 2008
it is of hawaiian origin.
pronounced ma-LEE-ah
calm waters.
Malia is my middle name!
by Jazzy Phae February 10, 2010
the most timelessly beautiful woman you'll ever meet. Malia's are energetic, positive, thoughtful, sexy, caring, and loving people. They make excellent partners too. Sensitive and passionate. Make very loyal friends. Very opinionated and stubborn but is the nicest person you will ever meet. typically blonde haired, amazing eyes, colorful and unique. Almost too pretty to describe. Very good taste in music, in some cases a very talented guitarist. Best legs you'll see. Toned and tight. If you've found a malia, word of advice: don't let her go, you'll never find any other girl as amazing ever again!
I met Malia over spring break, she's literally the coolest person I've ever met.

Malia's eyes look unbelievable in the sun.
by Benbenben f. August 17, 2011
Malia is a town in northeast Crete, near Herakleion, very famous for it's amazing nightlife.
It is a very popular tourist destination, mainly among young Brits, like Kavos, Zante and Kos.
The strip is full of nightclubs and bars and it's the perfect place for unforgettable, crazy, booze filled holidays.

The boys from the Inbetweeners went there on a lads holiday in the 2011 Inbetweeners movie.

The holiday moto for Malia is "Ooh Aah Malia Say Ooh Aah Malia"

Apart from the Wild Nightlife, there is also a more calm side to it, with the Old Town which is very beautiful and picturesque and the archaeological site with the minoan town ruins nearby.
Can't wait for Malia this summer with the lads!!! Ooh Aah Malia Say Ooh Aah Malia!!!
by PeachSchnapps June 10, 2013
a hellish, wrathful goddess of Hawaiian lore bent on world destruction in order to force a new age of peace for society. Similar to the hindu deities Kali-ma or Shiva.
The Earth quaked under the vengeful wrath of Malia.
by dharmagurl October 23, 2008
a) something that appears sweet on the outside, but is bitter to the core on the inside.
b) a manipulative person who pretends to be something they aren't; one with a dishonorable agenda.
c) one who plays victim in order to win opportunistic friendships.
d) a female character synonymous to Iago in Othello.
ie. you've become so transparent in your set-up, that i'm almost tempted to call you malia.

ie. i've heard from friends of friends of friends that you're actually very malia.
by plum11 August 25, 2011