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A word describing a creepy 23 year old douche with premature balding who matches his polo horses to his under shirts who works at a middle school hall monitor bullshit position and hits on girls 2 times younger than him. He brings his wet dreams to life by getting a paycheck to sketch on the local middle school girls.
Amanda: "Olivia, did you see that creepy Malhelsky over there?"
Olivia: "Yeah he was totally checking out our tits."
Amanda: "I gotta go to the bathroom"
Olivia: "Make sure you angle your pussy away from the air vent, that Malhelsky installed cameras the other day and will try to get a sneak peak at your kitten."
* 2 hours later*

Malhelsky: "MMMMMM i love me some fresh adolescent pussayyy.. Aaaaamanda didn't realize I put some in the stall she always goes in." "Purrr purrr lil kitten."
by victim34 August 02, 2012