Lame ass college festival hosted my those motherfuckin xavierite shitheads .
Xavierite - Yo , Yo , Yo , why didn't you come for malhar ?

Normal Person - Accck thu .

Xavierite - What was that for , YO ?

Normal Person - Acccck Thu .
Top Definition
A very cute, nice, and wild person. He is very fun to be around and almost eveyone is his friend. As soon as you meet him you'll want to be his friend right away. He is one of a kind and has had a few girlfriends already. Although it is very hard to get him, he is very caring for that "one person". On his wild side, he's a whole new guy and no doubt you'll get attached right away. He is somewhat smart, athletic, and sometimes a complete mess! You'll remember him in everyway..
by k3h8s November 22, 2013
A Doctor who will go home if you make fun of him.(not immediately, he has to call his brother to come pick him up)
MIT graduate: F**K YOU Malhar

Malhar: Im going home. Call my brother
by Dr.MD MD aka Dr.D March 05, 2010
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