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Those cars that guys drive that include the Truck with the ball sack hanging from the bottom of the back bumper, or the Caddy with hubcaps that spin while he’s not driving, or the sports car for that guy feeling a little older than he used to, or the big SUV with the little cartoon kid wizzin' on the Ford or Chevy logo, or the rust bucket with the tires that are more expensive than the whole car is worth, or the car plastered with NRA and Ducks Unlimited stickers. These are MEVs: Male Enhancement Vehicles.

Now, if you’re a bit on the redneck side, these guys might be considered KEEPERS, but sorry, I just think they’re ridiculous.
I had a truck with balls cut in front of me the other day, total Male Enhancement Vehicle (MEV's).
by Wavy Gravy August 20, 2009

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