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A lot of times Malaysha's are very competitive when it comes to what they really want. they are often obnoxious and blunt. They hate being alone whether in public or At home but when they are they become depressed and drowned of energy. It is very hard for Malaysha's to trust people so they don't tell too much about themselves. They often try to put on a hard exterior but in reality they are only trying to protect their ego.
Malaysha WILL snag a hoe in order to get what she wants.
by King Donn July 23, 2013
Malaysha's are very sweet girls who keep to themselves.. Most of the time. On other occasions they are VERY loud and energetic they don't care what others think of them. Malaysha's usually see themselves as above others as in a higher power they

Possibly see themselves as being a Lord, King or Great DON of some sort. They are loyal to their friends and love their boyfriend's to the up most level.
gosh, I bet all of these THOTS want to be like Malaysha
by King Donn July 23, 2013
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