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Always the most amazing girl you will ever meet. A very pretty scene girl that is often confused about life and what she wants out of it. Gets lost easily and needs her boyfriend to find her. Amazingly unique. Makes guys named Jules or Julian fall inlove immediatly. Always knows how to brighten your day. Loves guys that say, "Just alil bit."
"Wow. Your amazing. You must be Malaya"
by FindingNemo February 24, 2010
The most beautiful you'll ever see. she's so sweet and nice to everyone. she always just wants to have fun. everyone sees her perfection but her though. Every guy would walk through fire to be with her and girls would kill I be her. She a great person but needs someone else to lead her in the right direction
Wow, she's beautiful

Yeah, that's malaya
by Jesse1237 November 15, 2013
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