A feral degenerate/feral creature that typically lives in sewage lines. The Malachi has generally not gone through the evolutionary process, and shares instinctual characteristics of Earth's first organisms. The Malachi has thin, spider-like arms, and bulbous eyes, protruding from it's sagging flesh.
"Dayne Francis, why are you dating that Malachi? That's bestiality!"
"I'm attempting to fulfill my ancient urges for the Malachi race."
by MrsDayneFrancis July 30, 2013
Skinny guy who likes fat girls. Has no ability to stick it out through the rough times in a relationship, and will abandon his family when the going gets rough. Has a severe porn addiction, and is incapable of being faithful. Has a severe narcissistic personality disorder. He has grandiose dreams and brags about how much money his family has, but forgets to mention that they have cut him off. He is completely socially retarded, and has no ability to relate to women as human beings. Has a severe superiority complex, and not afraid to flaunt it.
See that skinny guy? That's Malachi. He thinks he's the shit, when he's really just a pile of poop.
by Shocked and appalled October 15, 2012
The act of taking viagra and violently jerking off to gay porn in a circle of guys.
Friend #1 Dude what happened last night?
Friend #2 Hung out with some friends.
Friend#1 Dude you didn't do it.
Friend#2 Yea, we pulled a Malachi
Friend#1 You are a Fag.
by TrevStahl May 05, 2011
A measurement for a period of time equaling 3 weeks; usually but not always referring to a period of time with or without attending class.
I haven't been to class in a malachi.
by GivinUpTheFight January 31, 2006

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