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Makura-Girls (aka ashleek), is a woman that has sex with a dakimakura or love pillow, she can ride a pillow and grind her clit and labia against it, or to make it more firm, she could fold the pillow around a book or make a knot on the corner.

Climaxing by Dakimakura humping may take longer than by a conventional hand job, but the orgasm may be much stronger and last longer. That is particularly true if you happen to be a Dakimakurifile (a pillow fetish enthusiast) and you find pillows not only comfortable but also sexy and congenial.
A Makura-Girl (an ashleek) never has worry a Dakimakura can go longer than 40 sec's, is never to tired, complains of a headache, and it actually does not mind being used as a sex object like a Chopper Sik Balls.
by youguessit January 15, 2010