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Act of opening your mouth and saying something you shouldn't in a situation that will make/give your friend shit.It is an unwanted move caused by the stupidity of the person.
-(in the house of subject 1 with the mom sitting in the livingroom)
Person 1: I go get something in my room, and i come back, wait for me here.
Dazé subject :Hey, don't you take of your muddy shoes before you go in you're room?
Subject 1's mom: Fuck, stupid son, take off your shoes and clean off the shit you did
Person 1: Fuck Dazé, you did a Dazé(make a dazé), you're so moron.
Dazé: Well, that's not the way it works at my home, i thought...
Subject 1(cutting Dazé): Ah, just shut the fuck up..
by Batmanne June 09, 2006
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