tupac fasho....
by nigga wha July 13, 2003
adj- A word me and a buddy made when we were stoned while listening to Makaveli.....Def- When something or someone looks really creepy or shady...beyond freaky.
Man that shit we saw in the woods last night was real Makaveli!
by Smokeweed420nuggah December 24, 2009
strait up 2 pac
by da mac April 27, 2003
The worlds most handsome man, as so he claims.
<Slablaadje> Maka is t3h hawt.
by ohnoes March 04, 2005
The nickname of 2Pac from Niccolo Machiavelli, a writer/philosopher who wrote the book The Prince. 2Pac isn't as great as everybody is saying, he was a good rapper, but he's not the best rapper alive. Sure, his killer flow and the emotion in his songs were amazing, but he is not the greatest rapper ever. Name a better rapper? Big L, Rakim, Melle Mel, KRS-One, Kool G. Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, (just to name a few)
Makaveli in this! Nigga we hit 'em up!
by Frank White, King of New York March 13, 2008
A fucking queer bag who wants all guys to come to his house and get banged
Makaveli - I love them big
Makaveli - I need a strap on
Makaveli - I love guys who suck and blow
by ss-9mm March 24, 2007
a gay person, a homosexual who enjoys anal sex more than 5 times daily
look at this makaveli walking down the street with his raindow scarf and poodle what a homo
by the_masta1679 December 08, 2008

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