Went by this alias for most of his rapping career. Derived from the ITALIAN poet/diplomat/philosopher/ Niccolo Machiavelli. Everytime someone asks me why i love Tupac so much, believe it or not i can't give them a solid answer. Truth is, there aint enough words to describe him. I hope this definition can clearly show my love for him because i got a lot to say. So, why was the dude so great? First, the man came from nothin and still made somethin, nah scratch that he didnt just make somethin, he had one of the biggest impacts on hip hop and more importantly, society. All hip hop fans, or atleast the ligitimate non frontin sucka free ones, understand that Tupac was literally a hip hop genius. He understood the game, and had the heart to play it. He had a message and he layed it down from the heart. He didn't give a fuck about what people thought of him, he said what he felt, when he felt like it. And if he needed your attention, he didnt just say it.. he yelled it. He didnt just talk. He Screamed, if he had somthin to say the man would say it. And you know you could take him seriously, he had more credibility then any known rapper today. He went through it all from bangin to slangin. Rape charges, shootin cops(he had a good reason), getting shot, dope, teenage pregnancies. you name it, he went through it. And in every song you hear the message, his music (along with his crew Outlawz) wasn no bullshit lame ass beat wit some dumass lyrics, most of the time you got something out of the song, it really speaks to you. His Music partly because of his deliverance was so influential. I mean, might sound stupid, but i get the dam chills when i hear him... is like hearing a Martin Luther King rap. He adressed so many argued topics and if you hear him out, he makes a dam good amount of sense when he expresses his position. I guess you could say he was as much as a politician as he was a musician. And as for anyone who thinks Biggie was a better lyricist or just better in general, get real. Yah sure he layed his down and came out with a couple classics, juicy, only you, im going back to CALI (Place to BE), but he or his shit will never amount to the greatness of Pac. its just a strayte up lie to even say that, it aint even an opinion, the man could not make music like Tupac. And if everything Tupac said about Biggie was true, then FUCK him and his classics. I don't know if Tupac used more of his brain then normal humans could or maybe he was just real tight... but i do know this, how many other rappers do you know that could bag on some foos and then those same rappers give him props even after he's dead? I mean is not like they got anythin to be scared of... he's dead right? right? The Don Killuminati: The 7 day Theory....It on the 7th, you really think im dead... I dont know bout all that but shitt is kinda weird to think about..
R.I.P TUPAC and KADAFI. 2 soldiers too young to bite the bullet
"Feel like is just me against the world.."
"Think like Makaveli".. "What would he do?"

by DonTripillbaround April 20, 2008
The name of 2pacs 6th album Makaveli The Don Killuminati. Tupac Changed his rap name to Makaveli after spending time reading about Nicco Machiaveli in a correctional facility. Exit 2pac Enter Makaveli. Makaveli had potential to become a record lable if it wouldnt of been for Marion Suge Knight. For those of you that dont know Suge Knight is Tupac's Killer.
Inside Makaveli The Don Killuminati CD beside where it has the tracks it says Exit 2pac Enter Makaveli.
by dan hale November 05, 2004
makaveli is simply from the italian Niccolo Machiavelli who has made controversial books (the most famous - the prince)Machiavelli has been said to fake his own death. Machiavelli's books look at humans as animals and only talk about the insticntive reaction of humans.
by E.N.V.Y. August 20, 2003
alias for TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR who was named after the inca tribal cheif tupac amaru.
theres a conspiricy about the name suggesting it spell out i am alive if you swap them around and remove a few letters
i m alive
by O.G crip loc April 02, 2007
2pac rather makaveli is a legend and an artist. he is "the don". learn more on a class of him at university of berkley. 2pac's rather makavleli's class is the most popular at the school.
"makavleli was a great rap artist and true hero, gang slanger, gang banger, legend, phrophet, he will be a major topic in the future when people set apart there differences and study his poetry, politics,.
by Outlaw October 09, 2003
Tupac Shakur's alternate alias that was used to release much of his unlreleased works, such as 'Thug Nigga', after his death.
"...scrambled the word 'Makaveli and read 'Am Alive'..."

-Papoose on 'Street Credibility'
by Magic Jesus May 31, 2008
Short for Niccolo Machiaveli whose millitary strategy was to inflict fear on an opponent before attacking him.

Tupac was working to make Makaveli his label name before being killed.
the makaveli strategy
by vendetta February 06, 2004
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