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A naturally sweet person who hate bothering others. She doesn't talk much, But her pain is immense. She genuinely believes people don't care about her, and would do anything for the people she loves. But don't make her angry she has a wicked temper!
Wow did you hear about Makalah, she punched that one girl in the face!
by MOSM February 08, 2013
A female American name. A girl with sass and very intellectual. A girl with a heart of gold, and can be a jerk sometimes.
Makalah is not a demon, she is a sweet girl.
by LJ Brodie February 08, 2013
A girl with intellegence. She is mostley hated by others because of her success. Should be treated with respect. If you have the opportunity to date her, treat her as if she's a princess. You wouldn't want to loose her because no-one will care like she does. She is beautiful and so is her soul. If you date her you should be afraid to loose her. She is confident but, if hurt alot can be easily taken away. She is always there when you need her.
Makalah, thanks for being there for me.
by Mikley September 06, 2015

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