1) A hot whore who will fuck anyone but she is one walking STI (dont touch her)
2) Had sex when she was 3 years old
3)Drew kessler sucks
4) I would fuck her even though shes dirty.....so would you
"Nick Johnson fucked makala in da butt, now he is in jail"
by Drew June 05, 2004
Top Definition
Awesome person who might move away but you sstill love her.
Dang she moved away and left me but i still have to love her, she is such a makala !
by john john 1234 February 19, 2010
Awesomest person in the freaking world!! Makala is amazing. Fun to be around and always joking and making everybody laugh. Dark hair and beautiful eyes best describes a Makala. A Makala- layed back- beautiful- smart. Nothing like her in the world. Treat her right and she will always keep a smile on ur face. She's not something you wanna lose!!!
Makala is other wise close to the Greek god venus. Makala you are sizzlin today girl!! Omg Makala I love u!!
by Jh momma May 29, 2011
The most friendly, hot looking person you will ever meet! You will always forgive her and never fight! She is a beautiful girl with long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She has the most cute personality and laugh.
Makala is such a beautiful, hot, nice girl ever!!
by Tyler_Mason_Sutton March 04, 2015
A dirty fucking slut, she'll act like one of the boys because shes so desperate for dick. This girl has no problem stabbing anyone in the back and sleeping with their boyfriends. She'll especially make sure to wait till your extremely sick then go and fuck your boyfriend because she's such a dirty piece of meat with no self respect or morals. A walking std, you'll wanna make sure to get checked ASAP. This nasty skank will make sure to sleep with all his friends too because she is so desperate and broken from her daddy issues. Easily identifiable by her hundreds of hideous selfies and wannabe "country girl" persona...
"That bitch fucked my boyfriend right before valentines day!"

"Definitely a Makala, I wonder when she'll figure out that she's just a nasty, low-life, homewrecking whore."
by KarmasABitchSweetie February 23, 2014
noun.- a stupid bitch whos fucking annoying as hell and is always tryin to get with guy she cant have. shes an annoying bitch and a stupid slut!
the one thing id never want to be is a makala!
by sdsfjk October 21, 2004

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