Turkish word meaning "scissors," a closely-guarded Eastern Mediterranean sexual practice. All that is known in the West is that it involves two parties, and a third person to "operate" them.
Hey, you're from Ankara? Very tentative here but extremely hopeful Are you into...makas?
by Wordsmith 71 July 20, 2009
Top Definition
Someone that is an excellent friend. Someone that is trustworthy and honest. Attractive and absolutely gorgeous. Maka is a person that is unselfish and understanding. Someone that may get lost in the darkness, but once in the light can make a person grin until their cheeks ache. Maka is someone that has the ability to soothe and calm a person in distress. Someone that deserves everything she desires without second thoughts. She deserves the best of the best and nothing less An amazing girl who is fun to be around.
by lolzorz11 February 21, 2012
Word of Hawaiian origin meaning learner, grasshopper, the student; someone who is learning the way of doing something; apprentice, pupil, scholar, disciple.
In order to learn the ways of her Master, she must be a great maka.
by ispeakthetruth39 May 17, 2010
a puppy..or anything little and cute...or a little hairclip
aww look at that lil maka!!
by diane uriarte April 17, 2008
Maka is a mack DJ from Canada, The Port City. Member an leader of the 404th from King Town.
Maka is the mack dad of the Port City.
by John Strump November 16, 2004
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