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Arabic word, used as an adjective and a proper name.
The literal meaning of the word in English is "glorious."

Al-Majid is also one one of the names of Allah (God) in Islam.

Synonyms include: majed, majeed.
The word might be pronounced with both the short vowel "i" or the long "i:" but the meaning is the same either way.

1. As a proper name:
Prince Majid ruled the district of Mecca (in Saudi Arabia) from 1980 to 2000.

2. For God
Allah is Al-Majid (The Glorious).
by Academe February 12, 2008
Persian word for "Mack Daddy" ; One who can mack the broads ; One with significant intelligence who is a macker ; See also pimp
Damn homes, he's a real Majid
by Don Magic Juan January 29, 2005
1. A boy's name with Arabic origin meaning "noble glory".

2. A boy who acts extremely stupid but is nice to all his friends and is open to new people. He is most definitely not a shy guy, and is the type of person to go up to a stranger and start a conversation. All the girls want him, but he is taken most of the time. He has a big dick, majestic looks, and is great in bed. Him and his girlfriends always end on a good page and say nothing but good things to their friends. This kid has amazing taste in music, does drugs, and skates. He's a chill dude and everyone wants to be his friend. Don't miss out on a Majid!
"That kid Majid tho, unf."

"Do you love Majid?" "Yeah, I love Majid, he's the best guy ever."
by doodledoo234 June 13, 2013
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