madd big

J - How'd last nite go for you guys?

M - It was great. He was majestic.
by xmjx April 02, 2007
Top Definition
Showing impressive beauty or dignity
Lauren is so majestic today
by JaNique_Zakariah_Phelps_1/7/02 January 21, 2015
Relating to the nature of clouds
The child' tried to use majestic properly.
by Xenon Crow May 16, 2014
Farting in a womans face immediately after ejaculating on it due to felacio.
I totally gave that bitch a Majestic
by Reginator March 07, 2008
Having majesty.
God sits on His majestic throne.
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
turkey, cheese, pesto sandwich (with brown bread or bagel) toasted

"marsh, i'm having a majestic craving..."
by justcalm down December 09, 2006
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