Slang for major as in university studies.
"Im lookin to change mai maj."
"Only a bitch would have a theatre maj."
"Yo wutcha maj?"
"Barschool has the maj for you!" (It is commonly used in university advertisements to attract young hipsters)
"yo your maj sucks" (commonly used to diss others majors)
by B100 December 03, 2007
a slang acronym MAJ stands for a males ass jockey.
man that queer is a maj
by lil kraka July 16, 2005
Derogatory term for straight people. (When they are acting like assholes.)
Comes from the word majority.
Straight Person: You're such a dumb ass.

Gay Person: Well you're such a maj.
by SpeaksSoftly August 27, 2009
"Maj" originated in Bensalem, PA. It can be used as a noun or an adjective. It means that you are an arabian girl who loves to smoke hooka. It means both cool and jank at the same time. It means that you live with an asian and braceface.
Man that girl is so awesome! She's so maj.
Wow this is such's a maj!
by JYoo April 17, 2005
to be cool, extremely athletic, attractive and to be an overall stud
Yo, this dude was mackin' with all these girls....he is so maj.
by mhsfootball November 08, 2003
a very muscular starting varsity football player, man whorish in his ways with women and abilitiy to achieve brains and sex, he is hung like a horse and humps like a machine, women call him the Human Power Tool, or HPT, he fights in the UFC and comes out victorious in every match
Dude, i was gettin mad brains last nite from 2 girls, i felt like MAj!!!
by mhsfootballl November 08, 2003

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