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a small white mouse who stars in her own cartoon, books, and merchandise. she has a friend called sirrel the squirrel and an elephant friend whose name i have forgotten.
I think I will buy a Maisy Mouse pop-up book for my small child.
by maisie.E June 20, 2006
- She is an amazing girl who can be found perfect in every single way.

- She is completely flawless.

- She is very beautiful, she always looks amazing, even at the worst of times.

- She has an amazing personality and has a figure to die for, basically sex on legs.

- Not a single moment with her is regretted.

- Sexy dancer.

- Always keen to please and amazing in bed
Wow that girl looks perfect! She must be a Maisy.

I am soo lucky to know a Maisy
by fuckinwilddd! February 05, 2012
An angel, beautiful pearl. Something to treasure. Very rare.
Maisy Kleinschmit
by cornycob January 04, 2012