Upbeat one.
"Does she seem negative to you?" "Are you kidding?! That girl is Maire!!"
by humboldtdave February 03, 2010
Top Definition
Maire is a girls name.

Originating from Ireland, it means bitter.
Maire is so hot. :)

Her name is Maire?

Maire, not Marie.
by maire-fay1234567 April 13, 2008
1.a wonderously beautiful woman
"She seems like a total Maire,and therefore out of my league"
by Bloodsling February 07, 2011
an extremely hawt girl typically blonde and acts it a maire is allways happy and tends to make those around them happy a great athlete and a life long friend rarely wastes their time on pointless drama maires is a beutifull sexy name people wish to be her and strive to be as successfull as a maire. her gigantic personality cant be tamed you either love her or wish you where her.
maire is amazing
that maire is amazing
geee look at that amazing maire
arent maires amazing
gee wilacures maire is amazing
maires hawt with a w
by person74929437298 April 08, 2011
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