A very ghetto country way to say man
Maine, I need some cash!
by Ashley January 03, 2004
A ghetto-fab place wit da biggest thugs around... No no, not really. A lame state with many rednecks. All they care about are trucks, hunting/fishing, dirtbike races, Old Orchard Beach, & UrbanDictionary.com (hence me being here).
Yo I be goin up to SoPo, Maine to kick it wit da homies.

I'm from Maine, so I eat deer & lobster & wear Fox sweatshirts.
by COURT July 29, 2004
Isolated place where kids and teens adabt to smoking and beer at the age of ten. its so isolated that teens think that people swear all the time and think that TV shows on WB is what life is like and so they have adapted to it and think that it is also dawsons creek. but most importantly rednecks from durham and kids who think there in gangs such as bloods and cribs but they are all wanabees. also a magnet for retards and old people.
If a maine kid in a gang went to New York or California and went to hang out with a gang they would piss them selves.and ect
a state where to fit in, you need to (1) live in a trailer, (2) own 3+ of each: trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles and guns, (3) wear the combo mullet/greasy baseball cap/Wal*Mart insulated flannel/ sweatpants/ boots, (4) know and enjoy moxie and oxy, and (5) have a not-so-remote resemblance to what should be an unrelated cousin.
Your career options are (1) collecting carts from the parking lots of grocery stores in freezing rain at night without reflective jackets, (2) stuffin' lobster rolls in McD, (3) sort empty stinking bottles in a redemption center (in ME there's a 5c dep on cans/bottles that you then turn in for cash, and some poor soul has to sort them by vendor in rancid containers; normally you can turn them in for beer right there, as most places double-up as beer/wine shacks to perpetuate the cycle); for the college- educated the option is to work for a call center calling on delinquent credit card deadbeats. Maine consistently ranks at the bottom, along with Louisiana and Mississippi in stats such as teenage pregnancy, smoking rates, educational spending, literacy, income, unemployment, small business climate, energy costs and the like.

That said, the people for the most part are down-to-eart, generally nice and helpful, and a little provincial. The state is really two different states: southern maine, which is quickly becoming a Boston suburb while yet in denial about sprawl, traffic jams, crime and related issues, and north/east, generally starting from Lewiston/Auburn up; rural, some farming/forestry/lobstering/welfare, claiming to be the real Maine. It is a part of the state where going out-of-state generally means an overnight trip, sometimes to a strip club in near the border in Quebec, or a bar in New Brunswick, Canada, where the drinking age is 18. Maine a state of striking natural beauty, both along the coast (the farther northeast you go, the better and wilder it is), as well as the mountains in the west, the lakes are nice, too. The natives along the coast are getting squeezed by out-of-staters buying up oceanfront properties as vacaton homes and thus driving the values/taxes up.
Mainers like potatoes, blueberries, lobster, LL Bean, apples, venison, PBR and dislike out-of-staters (mass-holes from Mass., frenchies from Quebec, new-hamsterites from NH).
by Poncho December 04, 2004
Its own little third world country. Most of the best jobs are to be found in fast food, digging clams and blood worms or agriculture.
All real industry has left except for the dieing paper industry. Most local telephone books have 10 surnames that make up 90% of the directory. Maine is wicked "white". Wages are so low here that immigrant labor stays away. Which is to bad because the gene pool is very shallow here. It is difficult to get a DNA conviction here due to the fact that most of the DNA is the same. Also all of the bizarre incest stories you have heard about Maine are all true. York County had the highest child molestation rate in the nation (large population of lobstermen). The summer people like to say its "Gods Country" but they fail to understand that he doesn't spend the winter. Don't get sick here, the local doctors and hospitals will kill you for your organs. Medivac to Boston is your only hope. Education in Maine. What a fucking joke! You pay peanuts you get monkeys. 25% drop out rate and 20% pregnancy rate and less than 5% college graduation rate is standard state wide. There is a lot of home schooling, it makes it easier to molest your own kids.
I have been here for 30 years and I am leaving.
incest, dna, poor, Maine,
#incest #dna #poor #maine #inbred
by square jaw July 10, 2008
Popular only because CommanderJinx lives in Lewiston, Maine.

Vacationland my ass.
Lets go visit CJ up in Maine. On second thought, Maine sucks.
by CJinx July 08, 2004
1) The state where boredom should be the capital.
2) Where the moose are more aggressive than the opposite sex.
3) Where it is nice out 4 days out of the year.
Maine, the way life SHOULDNT be!
by RacHeL December 21, 2003
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