The best fuckin place on Earth the winta's are wicked haad some times you have to put on your shit kickas and guess what you can fuck your cousin no doubt!
1. Hey Billy wadda fuck are you doin up in Maine
2. Not now Ma
1.Put on your shit kickas and shovel the driveway
2.Jesus Cwist mutha!
#maine #mainahs #mainers #me #and cameron
by Cameron Shamay February 29, 2008
maine is a place with a beautiful town called biddeford. biddeford is a place where all the drug dealers and drunks live. it a place filled with the wonderful places such as Murk, Miles of old smelly, trashy factories, and big fucken hills everywhere you look.
ef you in the butt-hole biddeford.
by tom February 14, 2005
Maine is 10...No 20 times funner to be then anywhere else.....sides boston....Bostons Cool....and only north is rednecks......and Biddo....biddo and north.....
Hey Im in Saco being cool....Hey look at the Poor kids in Biddo....haha look them....look...hes sqruiming......look...Tommy dis likes them also I believe.....
by Doobz February 08, 2005
1. Expensive
2. High taxes
3. Cold
4. Almost everyone is white
5. Boring.
6. good beaches if the water isnt ice.
7. Homeland of the word "wicked"
8. a state where there is desert, forest, and ocean
9. Not too many people have a bostonian accent
10. York is one of the biggest tourist traps
11. Home to Emo's, fags, snobs, gamers, stoners, and Stephen King
Person 1: Why do you live in Maine?
Person 2: Yes! That was wicked awesome!
#mainah #new #england #boring #wicked
by krimsonkandy June 07, 2007
Oh Canada, Our home and native land.
Person 1: I'm from Maine
Person 2: you mean Canada
by moose, or bear September 10, 2005
a very wicked unpisser place to grow up.Very boring and cold and expensive. If you love lobster go and if you dont stay the hell away because theres nothing else to do there.
That there lobster was wicked pisser!
by Jim Brown January 20, 2004
a type of cheese.
Do you want maine to go with your wine?
by Amanda again April 18, 2004
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