The easternmost United States. Known as "Vacationland", it is no doubt a magnet for summer tourists who flock to rocky coastlines dotted with lighthouses and pine trees, as well as numerous forests inland including the Appalachian Trail's Hundred-Mile Wilderness and its terminus at Mount Katahdin. The state is so distinctively east that it is the only state to border just one other state (New Hampshire), and borders the fewest states of any in the lower 48.
People travel to Maine to vacation along the breathtaking coast and to hike
by An Excommunicated Elf April 23, 2009
1. a place where its not uncommon to find the garage bigger than the house/trailer to hold all the snowmobiles, trucks, chains, ice fishing gear, and atv's of course. doesnt matter if u live in squalor as long as u have those things
2. beer and cigarettes are staples to ones diet
3. supper might be a moose that jo blow from up jackman ran into on his way home and u helped him gut it and now u got half the carcass.
4. its acceptable to go to the bathroom outside cause theres not many public rest rooms when u get up in the woods.
5. the seasons are winter, mud season, summa, fall and the biggest season of couse is basketball season.
6. my annual vacation is the basketball tournament
7. high school basketball players earn celebrity status
8. u dont need street numbers or anything here cause we all know where each other lives
9. maines the best place in the world to live
local lingo.... jeezum...jeezum crimee or jeezum crow...ayuh, couple three weeks ago, isnt she cunnin, wicked good, used-of-it, off-an-it, numb..nummer than a pounded thumb, colder than a witches tit, slickers than owls shit, gawmpy, god i love this state
by snow January 01, 2005
Well, for all these idiots who think Maine is full of child molestors who have brothers and sisters that are actually cousins - you're so ignorant, it's almost as cute as some of the dumbass tourists that set foot here.
I don't know ANYONE who has married their cousin, not saying it's never happened, but seriously? Grow up, come to Maine, try growing up here and you'd know that you're retarded.
Maine IS full of rednecks who like their beer & cigs, and do enjoy hunting, fishing, atvs, ect. What the hell is wrong with that? We can appreciate the simple shit - sorry we don't need to live in huge skyscrapers full of drug-dealing thugs who shoot people to be something besides "boring".
And for your information, YES, the whitey population is HIGH AS HELL, but if you've ever been to Portland, it's a diverse city!
I live here, I go to a school with over 60 nationalities, all ranging from Somalians to Cambodians.
Portland is the shit, it's the best experience in the summertime because yeah there are some crazy ass locals, but that's what makes it exciting!
Believe it or not, there are SOME people who live here that have never been four wheeling, gone fishing, or fucked their cousin.
So, to wrap this up: As much as I hate to admit it, Maine's the shit because no one gives a fuck, and everyone knows how to party.
So for all the ignorant fucks out there - fuck you, Bub!
Ya Bub!
Chut Dude!
Wicked Awesome!
Yeeaah Guy!
"Sodder" (Soda)
Yeah we have some great accents.
by MainahAtHeart January 13, 2011
Best state in the whole USA. You can hike, hunt, swim, fish much more. The laws are not as strict as mass so you do do a lot of things. The food is great up there. The food they eat is lobster, fish, meat, whoopie pies, and much more. The views of the ocean is also nice. All I have to say is if you hate Maine go fuck yourself.
Maine is the best state in the USA.
by Maineguy December 23, 2011
Maine is a place where you get a good taste of everything. It has it's cities, yes, but thats not where the good stuff is. The good stuff is down on the coast catching lobster, hunting up north and trying to shoot the biggest buck, moose or anything else (legal or not) which is part of the fun. Maine is a place of small communities where everyone knows everyone and you can wave to everyone you see. The seasons allow for everything you'd want to do, ski/snowboard in winter, then go swimming in the ocean a few months later. Sunsets and sunrises take your breath away while you sit on the beach with your sweetie. Statistically, not ONE mainer can deal with a rubbernecking tourist driving 25 everywhere. You WILL deal with our burning tires, and you'll love the smell. We're somewhat sorry that we don't have time to pronounce all of our words the whole way start to finish, but we got better things to do than talk with you yuppies. Mostly, Maine is filled with people who take pride in whatever they do from the time they can walk 'til the day they're done. We're a different breed, so if you dont like us...leave. Maine truly is the way life should be ;)
In Maine it's wicked cold in the wintah, too hot in the summah, spring sucks cause its muddy, fall is cold but we get to hunt so it's alright I 'spose. 'Magin she's blowin sow-westley...I'll get my jacket.
by Mainer9 October 10, 2011
The only place in the United States (and most likely the world), that there exists people that are both Democratic and Redneck.
Guy 1:"Why the fuck does that massive Ford truck have both a "God Bless our Troops" and a "Vote Obama 2012" bumper sticker?"
Guy 2:"We are in Maine, Jeff"
by The Original Fin September 12, 2015
a word adressing your homies, dawg, niggas, boyz, ect.
Maine, i be so fucked up right now.
by job123 May 13, 2011
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