a state where to fit in, you need to (1) live in a trailer, (2) own 3+ of each: trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles and guns, (3) wear the combo mullet/greasy baseball cap/Wal*Mart insulated flannel/ sweatpants/ boots, (4) know and enjoy moxie and oxy, and (5) have a not-so-remote resemblance to what should be an unrelated cousin.
Your career options are (1) collecting carts from the parking lots of grocery stores in freezing rain at night without reflective jackets, (2) stuffin' lobster rolls in McD, (3) sort empty stinking bottles in a redemption center (in ME there's a 5c dep on cans/bottles that you then turn in for cash, and some poor soul has to sort them by vendor in rancid containers; normally you can turn them in for beer right there, as most places double-up as beer/wine shacks to perpetuate the cycle); for the college- educated the option is to work for a call center calling on delinquent credit card deadbeats. Maine consistently ranks at the bottom, along with Louisiana and Mississippi in stats such as teenage pregnancy, smoking rates, educational spending, literacy, income, unemployment, small business climate, energy costs and the like.

That said, the people for the most part are down-to-eart, generally nice and helpful, and a little provincial. The state is really two different states: southern maine, which is quickly becoming a Boston suburb while yet in denial about sprawl, traffic jams, crime and related issues, and north/east, generally starting from Lewiston/Auburn up; rural, some farming/forestry/lobstering/welfare, claiming to be the real Maine. It is a part of the state where going out-of-state generally means an overnight trip, sometimes to a strip club in near the border in Quebec, or a bar in New Brunswick, Canada, where the drinking age is 18. Maine a state of striking natural beauty, both along the coast (the farther northeast you go, the better and wilder it is), as well as the mountains in the west, the lakes are nice, too. The natives along the coast are getting squeezed by out-of-staters buying up oceanfront properties as vacaton homes and thus driving the values/taxes up.
Mainers like potatoes, blueberries, lobster, LL Bean, apples, venison, PBR and dislike out-of-staters (mass-holes from Mass., frenchies from Quebec, new-hamsterites from NH).
by Poncho December 04, 2004
Top Definition
as a kid from maine, I'll say I kinda like it. Sure I love moxie, but so should you. Portland is a sweet city. It has more resturants/bars/pubs/club-ish things then you would ever be able to visit in a lifetime. Also, the ocean is wicked (yes I know) awesome. For instance you can go sailing around and chill beaches.
If you can't be pro-active enough to find stuff, or hate the outdoors, its not for you. Just let me know if maine has ever caused a problem to anyone else. Seriously, do you have a blueberry alergy or something?
Its 75 and sunny all day in the summer, and you just go ski in the winter.
by D.S August 20, 2005
If you like the ocean, Maine is the place to be. For all you morons who consider incest to be a popular thing in Maine, grow the hell up, you find that stuff everywhere. Just like you find "white trash" everywhere. And who are you to consider who is white trash anyways?
I don't have an example.
by Miranda June 19, 2004
A state with a population of just over a million people, visited by tourists year after year, their only goal is to piss off the natives, The person above has no idea what he is talking about because Maine is acutally a very expensive state to life in.
Maine, worth a visit, worth a lifetime.
Maine, now you've seen it, go home you tourist!
by G2 July 12, 2003
The friggin best place in the world! Wicked sick. It's the most Eastern state in the U. S.
Living in Maine can make you wicked awesome ;]
#wicked #sick #maine #awesome #portland #gorham
by n.ns.iy.fma April 23, 2008
A state that everyone trashes on; One that has horrible education budgets, yet still has some of the best public schools in the country. Lots of people smoke and drink... I live in Maine so stop trashing it!
Get out of Maine you effing tax raisers... Now.
by Will C June 23, 2005
You guys forgot.."You can't get there from here". And, "Let's go for a ride in the cah to Bah Habah"

Proudly born and raised in Maine, which makes me a Maine-ah.
by brunettesimgirl September 12, 2005
Actually, Maine is an extremely expensive state. I don't know why ya'll is hatin' on it, it's one of the best places to live and it's not that boring. When people read this about Maine they're going to think all of us are hillbillies and that we marry our cousins! Thats not true! Maine has inner-cities too, but not quite like New York City or Las Angeles..but it has its share. It has beautiful summers that last more than 2 weeks and the best falls.
Uh, I don't have an example.
by Dizzle July 27, 2004
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