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A highly evolved, sexy, intelligent hipster. A woman who isn't afraid to be naked to the world, literally and figuratively. A Maiada possesses an easy-going down-to-earth attitude and a great set of breasts. She also has a great sense of humor and favors sarcasm and dark humor. A Maiada is also very reliable and for the most part, will do what she says. She is a great listener and gives appropriate feedback and advice. Maiadas are also known to be low-maintenance. She would rather give than receive, unless you're talking about oral sex. She will usually be physically fit and prefers organic food over anything that is packaged.
Also, known to hang out in nature and enjoy mind-altering music and substances.
"Hey, let's get Maiada'd out and take a nature walk."

"Is that Maiada over there skinny-dipping?"
by Pasha January 27, 2013
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