A mental disease that infects all who come into contact with it. Symptoms are random outburts, obession with emo music, the inability to form an intelligent sentence, and fidgeting spasms that can occur at any given time.
What's wrong with her? She didn't catch the Maheen, did she?
by Nesserdine August 28, 2008
Top Definition
the first moon in the sky; crecent moon
by maheen November 08, 2003
A synonym for cool.
Often used in a band context.
"That set last night was maheen as!"
by BobbyPlaya June 14, 2009
A girl's name for someone who seems ambiguous, hard on herself, but good hearted. Just don't mess with her type and you shall be happy. She seems pretty to some, and isn't the popular girl type. She is creative but some people call her emo. We don't know if she is but she denies like how she denies the fact that she likes someone. It also means first crescent moon and descrobes the moon in Persian poetry.
"Hey Maheen! Do you feel less depressed?"
"I'm ok but it's not like I'm emo."
by wswan June 02, 2013
Very pretty, caring but might not be very intelligent Likley into sports. A girl who puts everyone first and is helpful!
Maheen, everyone needs her.
by Maheen November 22, 2014
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