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Mahal Kita means I love you in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines.
Mahal kita honey
by the computer doc April 25, 2004
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An expression of saying I love you in tagalog
Filipino Language
Stephanie if youre reading this Mahal Kita
by Brent De Leon February 29, 2008
Tagalog (Filipino) word for expressing love i.e. "I love You"
Janet: Mahal kita Ray!
Ray: Mahal kita also!

by Kuya yan August 27, 2006
an expression of saying i love you in tagalog
(Filipino Language)
Stephanie Mahal Kita
by Brent De Leon February 29, 2008
Mahal Kita means i love you in the Filipino Language, but roughly translates to 'you are expensive'
Mom: Mahal Kita cereal
by Salmaboaty January 20, 2014

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