The act of studying all night in college using adderall, not sleeping that following day and going out to drink later on that night. You're physically exhausted but your mind is entirely active. Party that night and experience the magic carpet ride.
"Finals were crazy but at least I got a magic carpet ride out of it"
by R 2.0 February 29, 2008
Top Definition
Two are having sex near a staircase. When the man is about to ejaculate you face her down towards the stairs. Give a good thrust and ride her down the stairs.
Me and my girlfriend took a Magic Carpet Ride last night.
by NightHausser December 16, 2009
Having toe curlingly good sex with someone who has an uncontrolled bush.
Johnny hasn't manscaped in weeks, so now I get to go on a magic carpet ride.
by beedazzle September 20, 2011
1.) sharing the same experience with someone else who is equally as high on marijuana as you are. 2.)knowing what the other person is thinking while both high on marijuana 3.) Being on the same wavelength as someone else while high on marijuana.
Me and Jess were so high last night that whenever we looked at each other we went on a magic carpet ride
by crazypants12 December 05, 2008
During sex between a man and a woman, the man starts singing "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. As the girl is stunned, grab her by her pubic hair and drag her across the room.
"I gave my princess a magic carpet ride last night, she was screaming the entire way."
by Carpet Rider May 22, 2012
getting really high with someone and then releasing inhibitions and fully allowing that person to control your trip. e.g. show someone the world as you see it and through their eyes
Sunny got really baked so Leslie took her on a magic carpet ride.

Jenny and Jacob were so high that Jacob was able to take her on a magic carpet ride through his mind.

You can emulate this on a very rudimentary level by watching screen savers and having someone free associate aloud what they see for the other, thus shaping what the other person will see.
by poochyak July 07, 2009
Act of sex or, sometimes, toking up. Floor rug where sex occurs. Usually found during the Hippie Era in an overly small flat or back of a van, pickup, or ground. Used because it's better for your back then the floor\wall\VW bugg.
After a few sticks, Snogmaster took Sunflower for a magic carpet ride.
by - February 01, 2004
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