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One who participates in the Magnet program. The fag is especially true of ones who are either: gay, watch Star Trek, program their calculators, are geeks/nerds/dorks..., or a combination of these.
Yo man, that Rodencal kid is such a mag fag!
by B-DblBizzle April 09, 2006

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A person who wants to carry over 12 magazines for a assault rifle or submachine gun etc.
"Hey look at that hes got like 30 mags stuffed in his buttpouch"

"Yeah I know hes a total magfag"
by Homeschool student February 16, 2010
a gay guy who is always in a magazine or reading one
robert: "Clay Akon is such a magfag!"
denise: "tell me about it"
by Hairy Mary Fairy July 03, 2009