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An amazingly annoying myspace application that causes its participants to involuntarily spam people via bulletin. Its goal is to have the players rise through the ranks as if they were actual members of some crime organization.
I just deleted that dumbass Jason as a friend because all of his bulletins asked me to join mafia wars.
by JesusGodMan August 09, 2008
A gay loser game on myspace and facebook it spams your page until your computer crashes it also helps people become internet Gangstas
Little Timmy: yo dog I'm going to clap at you online when we play Mafia wars

Joe: dude why are you trying to be a gangster when you live in the suburbs

Little Timmy: hop off my nuts bitch ass nigga

Black dude: fuck you say young blood
by In Blackest Night December 03, 2008
an annoying myspace application that causes you to spam bulletins and comments forcing you to join the game.
gee, my bulletin space is filled with people wanting to join their mafia.

mafia wars gets on people's nerves.
by lolwut at teh buttsecks July 29, 2008
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