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- a person who plays an online game that allows you to play for free but also allows you to invest in your game. which in its own right is fine. The individual achieves Chav or Welfie status when they start using scripts and cheats to get what they refuse to pay for. This is usually accompanied by a predominant amount of complaining about "Plastic Players" Credit Card Players" etc who are willing to put an investment into the game to enhance their experience. The sad part is these Welfies and Chavs dont realize that if the CC players didnt pay in...they wouldnt be able to play the game for free themselves, if at all.
"That guy last night was complaining that his script wouldn't work so he couldn't keep just know the guy is a Mafia Welfie, wont put a dime in and still doesn't think someone who invests should have anything better than he does...What a Chav!
by FritzShuffMad July 26, 2011
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