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An online text-based multiplayer game based on an organized-20th century crime system.
Fun alternative to working.
*Boss walks by and asks for a report to be done by the next morning*
"I'll have it on your desk the first thing in the morning!"
*Boss walks away*
*Employee sighs, throws the papers off to the side, and plays Mafia Death*
by Ralph D. November 09, 2007
A MMORPG game that consists of three servers. Similar in game play but very different in player population.

MafiaDeath game 2 is the obvious choice of servers, everyone knows that.
MafiaDeath game 2 is so awesome!!
MafiaDeath is teh best on game 2!
by Nano... April 19, 2009
What happens when you piss off the mafia.
What the fuck do you want, a mafia death?
by foshoho420 December 22, 2009