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An irrelevent statement said while nobody is paying attention, yet otheres hear it. An official Madrid moment has no response. Also, many madrid moments can kill a joke, ruin a good conversation, or just be dumb as hell.
Jerry-"ya there was this fine chick, big ass, big tits..."
Madrid-"DUDE GUYS; look what michael did to my arm!!! (shows bruise)
Marcus-"Dude you just had a Madrid Moment..nobody cares at all."
by Drew, Giovanni, Marcus, Jerry October 07, 2007
When you say something and you get ignored. Only 2 people are needed for a Madrid Moment to take place.
Paul: Hey Marcus look at what Michael did to my arm(Gets ignored)Hey Jerry look at what Michael did to my arm(Keeps getting ignored).
Jerry:Hey Paul you just had a Madrid Moment.
by G.I. October 04, 2007