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Hokkien & Cantonese for "Madrasi Nigger Dick". Used by locals across the South Chinese world (esp. Singapore, Canton-land & the Malay Archipelago) to refer to the fabled Dravidian Penis.
Etymologically, this mixed term is a combination of "Madrasi" (pertaining to the Dravidian capital of the erstwhile Madras Presidency), "Nigger" (British word derived from the original Old Portuguese "Nigro") & "Lanjiao" (Hokkien & Cantonese for 'penis').
When used by Cantonese women it indicates an attraction towards Dravidian men. But when used by Cantonese males it is reflective of deep-rooted Shudra Penis Envy & an obsession with Dravidian blackness occasioned by the perceived superiority of the 9-10 inch Dravidian Penis over the 4-5 inch Cantonese Penis. This is further fuelled by resentment at widely disseminated traditions of Dravidian sexual mastery & frustration with the Dravidianization of their women.
Demographically, Negro-Dravidians comprise more than 7% of Malaysia, 6% of Singapore, & are spread across
Malaya. They are a mixture of Tamils, Telugus & Malabaris who were imported first by Arabians, then by Portuguese, & finally by the British. Hence, Aryan stereotypes of Dravidian phallic superiority have had centuries to develop deep roots in local sexual lore. The absence of a caste system to keep the womenfolk in line leads the South Chinese women to develop the same strong preference for these Dravidian Sex Gods as Indian Muslim & Catholic women.
1) Pui-Yu: Why all my lovers have small kukujiao? I think next time wanna choose lover must ask them to pull their
pants down then see "pass" onot.
Choi-Lai: Eh, Madrasi Nigger Lanjiao is BIG and BLACK, you can try to consider. Lol. (S20+ Forum, 4 Nov. 2004).
2) Wah: Any ger by the name Yi-Yin there ?
Yi-Yin: So many ger name Yi-Yin ... I oso {also} name Yi-Yin ...
Jok-Yu: You must ha been dump by a ger call Yu.
Yi-Yin: I think so too. Wah, so whose the one been dump ?
Wah: I been dump long ago.
Yi-Yin: lol
Jok-Yu: I neber get dump before. Coz neber had one before!
Yi-Yin: So how it happen ?
Wah: I got married with this ger and she dump me.
Jok-Yu: Why ?
Wah: She said she prefers Madrasi Niggers.
Jok-Yu: Wot {What} is Madrasi Niggers ?
Wah: Madrasis... Tamils ... Dravidians, South Indians ...
Jok-Yu: Oh, blackie. Why she likes ugly Madrasi Blackie ?
Wah: She said Madrasi Nigger Lanjiao damm long. Go all the way in. Mine cannot.
Yi-Yin: I know. I saw one Madrasi Porn clip ... got this Madrasi Blackie ... the Tamil lanjiao damn long n thick
lor! One foot long lol.
Wah: Damm Madrasi Blackies are blessed with big lanjiao.
Jok-Yu: No point finding pretty gers when you have teeny weeny lanjiao. U still get dump at the end of the day.
Wah: I have big kukujiao.
Jok-Yu: Then why did u get dump ?
Wah: Coz mine not as big as Madrasi Niggers. How can I compare to Madrasi ?
Yi-Yin: Try pulling it daily, maybe it helps!
(Singapore Youth Chat, 22 May 2006)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza November 24, 2010
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