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1. Dravidian physical strength. 2. Dravidian Men, widely perceived as stronger.
Alludes to the great musculature & robust bone structure of the Negroid-Australoids of South Asia. Thus, British reports emphasize the physical superiority of the Dravidian Madrasis over the Northern Aryans: "Besides Mouat, the reports of colonial agents & ships' surgeons emphasized not only this difference on board but also the superior physical structure of the Madrasis & his resistance to 'mortific agency'." 16. (16. Basdeo Mangru, Benevolent Neutrality: Indian Government Policy & Labour Migration to British Guiana 1854-1884 (London 1987), p.122-123.)" ( "A Study of the Madrasis in Guyana". E.Sa. Visswanathan. J.Tamil Studies 47 & 48 (Jun & Dec. 1995): 125-139, p.130)
Furthermore: "These newly introduced Madrasi workers were deemed 'more hardy, more industrious' than the Bengalis {ie. all Aryans}, & they seemed to excel as sailors, fishermen & drivers. Many were also employed in picking up canes in canals, which required `physical strength & dexterity'. Besides, mortality at sea was 4 times lower among Madrasis than among the Bengalis." (`A history of East Indian resistance on the Guyana sugar estates, 1869-1948'. Basdeo Mangru. NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 1996, p.132)
Yet the clearest instances of this are the famed erectile stamina & superior development of the Madrasi Love-Muscle, which averages twice the Aryan erection. Hence, our Aryan women prefer Madrasis.
1) British industrialists in Fiji & Mauritius advertised the superiority of Madrasi Muscle over Aryan Muscle: "At this time (1900-1901), Fiji awoke to the virtues of the Tamil labourer. Thomas Hughes, the head of the Colonial Sugar Refining Company in Fiji (which produced over 90 per cent of the output) suggested to the company manager in Sydney, Australia (24 May 1901) that recruitment should be transferred to Madras. He {had} been impressed at the Madras depot by the `far superior physique' of the men, while the women were of the `healthy & handy working class'. Hughes said that Mauritius planters preferred the Madrassis, & he asked for a recruiting depot for Fiji to be opened at Madras. 7 ( 7. Tinker, Hugh. A New System of Slavery: The Export of Indian Labour Overseas, London, 1974, p.57-58 )" - ( "A Preliminary Study of the Madrasis in Guyana". E.Sa. Visswanathan. Journal of Tamil Studies 34 (Dec. 1988): 27-44, p.29)
2. Further, British reports noted that there "... were also general differences in attitude between the Bengalis & Madrasis aboard ship. The former was prone to be apathetic, staying below deck, while the latter stayed on deck as long as possible, being active, engaging in singing & 'merry-making'. Another noticeable difference between the two groups of emigrants was the superior physique of the Madrasi." ('Arising from bondage: a history of the Indo-Caribbean people', Ron Ramdin, n.p.: I.B. Tauris, 2000, p.43)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza November 24, 2010
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