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The emasculating inferiority complex commonly experienced by Caucasoid-Mongoloid soldiers & civilians when facing or encountering Black Dalit-Dravidian soldiers from the dreaded Madras Regiment. Symptoms incl. complete shrivelling up of the penis, full or partial retraction of the testes, clenching of the anus, loss of confidence, & onset of feelings of depression & cowardice. Essentially, this is a sub-set of Dravidian Penis Envy, & is a
consequence of the general belief in the dimensional & erectile superiority of the Black Dravidian Penis.

One of the reasons the British tyrants relied so heavily upon the Madras Regiment in order to conquer the Subcontinent was to exploit the intimidating fear Indo-Iranian peoples have of Negroid-Australoid or Dravidoid warriors. These anxieties had in turn been previously exploited by the Post-Timurid Nawabi & Nizami states, which used armies mainly comprised of Telinga Regiments.

Military analysts insist that this complex is the main reason for the British victories against the Bengalis, Marathas, Punjabis & Burmese. Likewise, both Indian & Pakistani scholars insist it is the root cause for the catastrophic defeats suffered by the Pakistan Army at the hands of the 'Thambis' during the Kashmir Operations in 1947 & during the Indo-Pak Wars of 1965 & 1971. Anecdotes claim Mrs Indira Gandhi intensified Pakistani Penis Anxiety during her wars by distributing Madras Regiment Condoms among Pakistani soldiers.

Indian General: Prime Minister Madame, why do you always make the Madras Regiment fight the Pak Army? We have so many other brave regiments!

Indira Gandhi: I want to give those Paki sipahis (soldiers) a bad case of Madras Regiment Penis Envy that they'll never forget! Once those faggot Paki soldiers know just how inferior the 4-inch gulabi (rosy) Paki Penis is compared to the 12-inch big black Dravidian Penis, the Pak Generals are sure to lose every war they wage against us!

Pak General: Prime Minister Begum, why are you going for peace and not war with India?
Benazir Bhutto: Because our 'brave' Pak Army has always lost to the Indian Army!
Pak General: Begum! We are guaranteed to defeat the Indian Army next time, because everybody knows the 5-inch Pakistani Penis is bigger than the 3-inch
North Indian Penis!
Benazir Bhutto: Yes, and everybody knows the 5-inch 'Paki Dick' can't compete with the 9-inch Dravidian Penis, so your soldiers will lose again because of their pathetic Madras Regiment Penis Envy!

Pak General: Why are you Pakistani sipahis always so scared of those South Indian Niggers of the Madras Regiment?
Pak Soldier: Your chutiya (stupid) question just proves that you've never seen a Dravidian Penis, & that you've never had Madras Regiment Penis Envy!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza August 31, 2012
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