Japanese for window. Also a cat that hangs around or constantly peers out windows but never goes outside.
Hey mado you gonna sit there all day, go outside and get some....fool.
by Frank Birthday September 10, 2006
Top Definition
Being able to blind people at first glance by all the swag that that person exudes. Has awesome bushy black hair, and can wear shades and make them instantly look swaggalicous. Basically, all that is SWAG.
Yo! You see that chick there? She's totally got some Mado type of shit going on. Look at all that swag!
by DaHomieG. October 17, 2011
A more laddish way of saying that it was mad or sick
1. That was mados!
2. That car is madoss!
3. That chick is mados!
by UNDEROATH RULZ October 08, 2006
usually meaning the best at something, mostly in the game of counter-strike
damn, that mado kid is sick.
by Eric Swanson August 04, 2006
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