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One of the most amazing boys I have ever met. Pretty much the perfect guy: smart, extremely cute, funny, great accent (even though he thinks I'm crazy), and actually nice unlike a lot of people. Someone who is always up for anything and always there for his friends. The best friend a girl could ask for... and one that I am really going to miss. A guy who derserves a great girl who will treat him like the prince charming he is and will appreciate what a truly amazing boy he is. Truely would make the perfect boyfriend and will make the perfect husband someday. The boy that any girl would be lucky to have.
Someone says- madison kelley is here..
Interrupted by girls (and some boys) yelling- omg madison kelley! he's so hot he's so great we just love him!!

An amazing boy! and one of my best friends
by Kelsey Orr August 19, 2008
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