a common female name.
when most people think of madison the think blonde hair blue eyes.

while this is true there are much more characteristics that accompany this name.

Madison is a nice person who knows how to deal with problems, the right way. She is extremely smart. Though she tends to get angry easily, she is an all around good person.

Madison is not a "girly-girl", in fact she is anything but.
She isnt afraid to take charge and lead a situation.

she loves to help her friends and feel appreciated.
Madison will take care of it.
by edwardskitty May 14, 2009
aye madisons that bad ass bitch everyone knows and loves. she likes twerking, eating, singing like a dying walrus, being emo, shredding on air guitar, stalking band members, has long hippie brown hair, brown eyes that like to change color, and most of all, making people laugh they asses off. she has a caring side that comes out when her BFFs are in danger. she will listen to anything you gotta say, but shes opinionated and if u hate her opinion she'll bitch slap u and pull yo weave off, gurl. boys whose names are madison are probably mistaken for girls quite often. girl madisons like to pretend they're ghetto and say their name is sha nay nay bon quisha or quadeera. in general, madisons just a cray cray bitch from the hood
Girl: aye madison's a bitch
Madison: bitch imma pull yo weave off *pushes to ground and violently pulls weave off*
by ayeeemadison69 January 08, 2014
a person with the name madison
Madison is a girl
by Madddddddddi July 30, 2008
A absolutely beautiful person. I mean everyone is beautiful but this one is special. She usually has chest length platinum blond hair, green eyes, around 5'1, big boobs, phat ass, skinny waist. She likes to shop at nice places and likes meeting new people. She gets along with everyone as long as you don't piss her off then she will speak her mind and tell you off. Gets comments made about her height a lot but is still so damn adorable! Super loyal and sticks to one guy. Hates being lied to and cares for everyone
Random guy: damn did you see her ass?
Me: yeah! Her name is Madison, she knows like everyone!
Random guy: I'm gonna try to get with her
Me: I wouldn't. She has a boyfriend and they are so in love and loyal to eachother
by Okagaca January 23, 2016
A Madison is much similar to a Maygan- starts off cute and sweet and adorable, but then as she grows into a young lady she starts developing the body of her mother, tall, slander, lots of junk in the trunk, and a large chest. Madison though is sweeter then a Maygan and nicer, but they are both a joy and a gift to know.
guy1- "Did you see Madison with Maygan earlier?"
guy2- "Yeah they give me boners just looking at them."
guy3- "Heck, they give me a boner just thinking about them!"
guy1&2- "Hell yeah"
by kickabrick August 08, 2011
A madison is the best person you will ever meet! She is the best for a friend and is great to hook-up with! I have personally had one and they are the best friend I could ever had! They get SUPER moody though. Its easy to tease them. They get mad at you and act like a bitch but they get over it one way or another, you just have to keep pushing. They are usually in their teens with orange hair and short. The like to party, but only with their friends. They usually tend to be quiet and social at different moments, but my person Madison is a huge nerd. They tend to go for the nice and OK looking guys, but not ugly she is way to good for that shit so if she calls you a bitch or anything try not to mind, never let go.
Damn that Madison is AWESOME <3
by Holy_Crab_Apples December 12, 2015
A beautiful, amazing, smart girl. Normally dates an Anthony. She is simply perfect in every way
Wow! Madison is stunning! She's so beautiful.
by Laxbro_32 July 16, 2015
usually has brown hair and brown eyes. she makes GREAT friend. she will fight back. she has an unbelieveable booty that all the guys want. she likes when guys touch her. she may have a boyfriend but she still has a crush on another guy.
Damn she has a firm ass!

definition of Madison: hot af
by unknown123456780 February 15, 2015

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