a common female name.
when most people think of madison the think blonde hair blue eyes.

while this is true there are much more characteristics that accompany this name.

Madison is a nice person who knows how to deal with problems, the right way. She is extremely smart. Though she tends to get angry easily, she is an all around good person.

Madison is not a "girly-girl", in fact she is anything but.
She isnt afraid to take charge and lead a situation.

she loves to help her friends and feel appreciated.
Madison will take care of it.
by edwardskitty May 14, 2009
a very funny, strong, beautiful, smart, && sweet girl. can have bad anxiety at times, but can get through it. usually has long dirty blonde hair && hazel eyes. can be very sarcastic but knows when to be real. loves to hangout with her friends but likes her alone time. not boy crazy but if the right one comes around she'll snatch him up.
wow, she must be a madison, she's really smart.
by Sydney Fuckyou June 24, 2013
Madison is a common name, many people have that name. But there are always different presonalities of that Madison. Madison is a person that is caring, loving and fun. She's the best any boy could ask for. Madison is just another name/word for intelligence, sophisticated, and a wonderful human being. With a beautiful personality.
"Woah! Look at her! She's sooo smart! I'm thinkin' we've found another Madison. "
by RawrD-Rex April 05, 2013
A girl who is not only completely stunning and beautiful on the outside, but is equally as amazing on the inside. She is intelligent and practically has something to say about every topic. Madisons are always found center of attention. Madisons are loyal friends and would do anything for anyone in need. Madisons are about to put a smile on any face just by simply being there. Madisons love to laugh and make others laugh as well. Madisons can sometimes be bossy, but only because they want what's best. They make perfect girlfriends and fantastic wives. They are usually small, but that is only because their personality is so huge and complex. They are simply brilliant.
"Wow that girl is amazing!"

"Yeah! She must be a Madison!"
by RomeLula June 11, 2012
A person who is extremely nice, and beautifal. This girl is has Good sarcasim and she is very funny. If you have the name Madison- you must be very sexy, talented, funny, nice, and caring for others. Madison's usally have blonde hair and blue eyes. And are usally tall. Madisons will usally do anything for their team/friends. If you have a girlfriend with the name madison you are very lucky to have her. And never let go of her. And she will love you. Never cheat on a madison. She will get her revenge on you quickly. Most madisons are sporty and athletic. Most madisons have the nickname of anyof these

Guy 1:Hey i heard Madison is sing
Guy2:yea i wish i could go out with Madison shes really hot and funny.
by Thesuperawesome2799 August 07, 2011
an extremely hot girl with the body and the face. has generally big lips good for making out ;) also has a great since of humor but who really cares about that? shes fricken hella fine.
Person 1: Damn do u see that chick? she got the jugs and the lips!
Person2: such a madison dawg
by DavidIsASexyJew October 10, 2010
The girl that AlWAYS makes me laugh.My sister.The one were we always have dance battles.The girl that NEVER stops talking.The one with that HILARIOUS laugh The one that is MY sisy. And the one i love ALOT.
by Grrll21 November 01, 2012
A beautiful girl that loves minecraft and mustaches. She has brown hair, bright blue eyes, and the biggest heart you could ever ask for. If you know a Madison you are one lucky guy or gal. The Madison I know is the love of my life and I have been trying and trying to get her back. Good luck with getting the best, beautiful, and perfect girl in the world. And Madison if you are reading this and you have read the other meanings of your name just remember some are true some are not true. But this one is true. So love you.
I wish Madison would take me back.
by Billybob July 07, 2014
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