a common female name.
when most people think of madison the think blonde hair blue eyes.

while this is true there are much more characteristics that accompany this name.

Madison is a nice person who knows how to deal with problems, the right way. She is extremely smart. Though she tends to get angry easily, she is an all around good person.

Madison is not a "girly-girl", in fact she is anything but.
She isnt afraid to take charge and lead a situation.

she loves to help her friends and feel appreciated.
Madison will take care of it.
by edwardskitty May 14, 2009
Another name for the real name Madi-stun-gun. Often means powerful, gazelle type.. Woman. Most Madi-stun-gun's usually have a boyfriend who is freakishly tall for his age, and he cathces bats.
"Look at that powerful gazelle type woman!! Her name must be Madison, which means her real name is Madi-stun-gun."
by transformya February 04, 2010
As you all know, if your name is Madison and your were born in the late 80's or 90's then you were named after the fabulous mermaid from the movie Madison is the 80's. Your are confident, sexy, and most likely in the center of attention the majority of the time. Of course, you put yourslef there. If you were named Madison before or after this time, boo who on you.
You're a scorpio, then you must be a Madison!
by Maditotheson January 18, 2008
A bitch who will steal your boyfriend.

Wears too much eye make-up.
She wants is dick from any guy she can get it.
She would be a really great friend but she spreads rumors about everyone even her friends.
She thinks she can fight anyone.
She's Two-Faced
Girl 1: Did you hear that rumor about you?
Girl 2: No, what did you hear?
Girl 1: Madison said you're Pregnant
Girl 2: Wow, I thought she was my friend.
by 125437843 July 24, 2014
Madisons are extremely insecure with themselves, and find that if they hate other people who are better than them, they can become "better" themselves.Madisons' have NO IDEA what the words "forgive and forget" mean, and are the absolute best at holding grudges for pathetic reasons. They try and put all the bad on other people for example, a Madison may...... Tell everyone, "Hey! I think she's anorrexict, just look at her!" because she herself is! Most are sleezy little skanks who think theyre hot shit and totally rich, even if they live in some chicken shit town... They have NO ASS and NO BOOBS! Even when they wear really fitting jeans ... you still can't see shit! They like to hurt other people, and are constantly acting like they have serious problems... But in reality, their only true problem is THERE SELF! They are always looking to do the next evil trick, which in this case God and Karma are gonna get them back. They are extremely ungrateful, and all they ever do is WANT!!!

Now the brown hair Madisons' are cool but pretty average.

So Certain Madisons need to fucking fall off a cliff. Madisons typically have a younger sibling who will be rude to the people she doesnt like. Their siblings are gay and faggish. They come from a stereotypical Mom. Their Dads are okay, and are simply depressed about his family being so awful.
Oh and the red heads... there cool but there just "there".
"You know Madison, the one with blonde hair?"
"She is either on her period ALL the time or is just a bitch!"

They will end up having no friends, and even though they can't really tell 60%-85% of the people they know fucking hate them
by BlankpAnic March 30, 2013
A big slut that will use you as much as she can and betray you, backstabber, liar, cheater, pathetic, idiotic, Snobby-little-Brat-that-thinks-she's-all-that-in-a-bag-of-chips, ignorant, arrogant, and did I mention a slut! Usually brown hair kinda short loses all her friends because she uses them to much and they got tired of it so now she walks around yelling at you thinking she so much better than you and all that but one of these days you knock her on her but and she won't know what hit her, this girl usually will use you and if you tell her you like someone she will go after him your the bait she's the hook you attract them she catches them, will hurt a lot of people and we all hope she gets ran over by a semi and doesn't die then gets each finger and toe nail pulled off one by one and then gets scalped by a bunch of crazed Indians and gets her eyes stabbed out... I really hate her..
Girl 1: ugh look at that girl over there she is being, being, oh what's that word
Girl 2: A MADISON!?
Girl 1: yeah a Madison.. Gah what a slut!
by A girl who hates Madison November 16, 2013
A person who walks into a zumba class and makes strange comments. She has a freakishly large nose and rarely looks in the mirror because she is afraid of what she would see. She is daring and rude, she has severe attitude problems but enjoys eating and listening to disney tunes. She has an abnormal obssession with kaaki pants and her skirts look amish.
That Madison is freaking wierd.

Get away from that Madison.
Get Madison away from my pickle jar, she'd eat it in less than a minute!

"She jumps off cliffs?! "What a Madison..."
by PicklePieCake March 30, 2012
Madison is a girl who no one can trust, she will stab you in the back and make out with the guy that you like. She's very unpopular, but thinks that everyone likes her. She obsesses over one friend at a time. She likes to steal your friends. She also things she has huge jugs but everyone knows it's because she wear gigantic push up bra's. It is impossible for a Madison to keep a secret so never tell her anything. Madison has the most annoying voice you could ever imagine. And lastly she is a gigantic whore
P2: Well what do you expect? She's Madison.
P1: True........
by shakethatass12345678 June 09, 2011

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