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Capital of Wisconsin and home to UW-Madison, one of the nation's top party schools. Renowned also for its Halloween celebrations, which for the last few years have ended in drunken riots.

Due to this reputation, the word is used at other schools as a synonym for "extremely drunk."
Frank: Hey, we're going out to get trashed. Wanna come?
Ernest: No, man, I was totally madison last night.
by Lady Chevalier November 06, 2005
707 624
extremely wide mouth bitch has fat ass and loose pussy
That white girls is such a madison.
by SEXY BLACK GUY February 18, 2010
28 123
a slut, a girl who talks to more than five guys at a time
eww look at her shes such a madison chick
by girlsupdalane12 March 24, 2009
59 160
A girl or boy that is an outcast. They usually wear emo clothes and have a hilarious but hidden sense of humour. Sometimes asociated with the Pagan religion.
Boy 1: "Hey, look at that gall over there!"
Boy 2: "Yeah, I know! What a Madison!"
The madison: "Hey, urm, did you just call me a Madison?"
Boys: "Ummmmmmm....."
by Ashtonana February 28, 2009
18 128
A tall, pale, skinny, Ethiopian-like bitch with a huge nose. She usually believes that she is correct and everyone else is wrong. If you question her, she always seems to have another excuse made up and is pulling it out from her non-existing, bony ass before you even say anything. Her vocabulary usually consists of the words "Rad" and "Vagina" because she is 10 years old. She believes that she is an amazing actress and that she will get somewhere with her Theater Degree. She wants her boyfriend to fail miserably at all of his goals and dreams so that he is forced to attend college with her. She also has absolutely no faith in his music ability and isn't afraid to let others know as long as he doesn't find out about it. She should be on pills because she is a psycho. She likes to put words in other peoples mouths and make herself look like the victim. Her bark is much, much bigger than her bite and she needs to know that no one is afraid of her.
"Man, that girl Madison is a raging bitch."
by yep22 April 08, 2009
90 203
Ugly, fat, snobby, cry baby, and a tattel tell! Most Madison's have brown hair.
That girl pulled a real Madison.

She told on me, what a Madison!
by Tonya Burkenstock December 19, 2009
35 156
Manly attitude.... Poser, want to fit in but fails miserably, liar, faker, Red hair blonde wanna be, copy cat, Gets better after a while but just rubs you wrong.
u look like madison. ew
by moomoos August 21, 2008
50 190
Has a fucked up face, but has an ok body. Likes to put quarters in her Anal Cavity, along with other house hold silver ware such as Forks, knives, spoons, corn holders, rollers, Shower head, Toy Cares, Hair, and a very large Unicorn Horn.

Like to be seen with several Abnormally Small Dicks in her mouth, with braces making them bleed. She has an abnormally small Vaginal Area, and is most of the time refered to as a Slut, or Whore. Can not help but always stick little corn on the cobs in her ass for pleaser in a lunch environmental area.

Some facial features are:

Abnormaly Huge Over bight

Fish like face, with a few freckles

Abnormally shaped head

and a very hairy Vaginal Area

Also her vaginal area is very small so it may hurt when sticking objects in her area.
Person 1: Wow look at ur she is ugly as fuck, is that like a human fish? omg..

Person 2: Yes i know that is such a madison..
by Drew Biglesworth January 16, 2009
42 186