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Capital of Wisconsin and home to UW-Madison, one of the nation's top party schools. Renowned also for its Halloween celebrations, which for the last few years have ended in drunken riots.

Due to this reputation, the word is used at other schools as a synonym for "extremely drunk."
Frank: Hey, we're going out to get trashed. Wanna come?
Ernest: No, man, I was totally madison last night.
by Lady Chevalier November 06, 2005
an ugly fat ginger bitch who fucks everyone shes very fat and also has madileg she has a saggy vagina. resembles a wizard sleeve and/or a clown car. park a truck in that mother fucker. tends to have a lot of freckles but cakes them with makeup that is tan even though shes as pale as a kkk hat and/or casper the ghost. too many pimples for even someone who works at mcdonalds.im not sure how she gets any guys because shes a grundle choe
yoh look at that piece of shit with saggy skin under her boob she must be a madison
by blnkt July 19, 2011
Madison is a suburban town located in southern connecticut, near new haven. The houses here range from 500,000 - 10,000,000+. Lots of New Yorkers like to build huge houses down by long island sound. (the beach) They know it's a bit cheaper than Greenwich, New Canaan, and Darien, But it's still desirable.
Madison is an overall preppy town.
by DeAnda May 14, 2007
The state capital and 2nd largest city of Wisconsin (235,000). It is a major college town and home to the University of Wisconsin Badgers. THE UW campus is among the largest university campuses in the country with some 50,000 or so students. This is the best thing about Madison. You should be around the campus in the summer. My head does a lot of turning with all the women; they are hot.

Madison lies on a narrow isthmus between Lakes Menona and Mendota. Its largest economic activities include government, education, healthcare and food processing. Oscar Mayer and Kraft have major plants there.

Madison is also Liberal with a capital-L. Several of its city council members are openly gay, the city is home to the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the city puts heavy restrictions on religious displays in public (forgetting that we have a US Constitution that allows it). Madison has even been called "the People's Republic of Madison," "the left coast of Wisconsin," and "70 square-miles surrounded by reality" due to such idiotic politically-left views.
Despite the liberal mindset of Madison, it actually is a very fine place to live if you can take the winter.
by krock1dk April 22, 2008
A Shit ass town on the Connecicut shoreline that is way over priced. Like prep411 said everyone there thinks they are better than the rest of the world when in fact most of them are the lowest life forms this world has to offer. Just because they make a good income makes them no better than anyone else. On top of it they are all pussies except if you want to count those dumb fucks who all got caught doing steroids a few years ago. The girls there will perform any sexual act under the sun for a line of blow too!! They are rich yet too cheap to buy their own, what the fuck? Fuck Madison, move to Guilford!!!!!!!
Madison is for a bunch of rich fucking snobs with nothing better to do with their lives than become country club rats
by Noneofyourfuckingbusiness March 26, 2007
1. A madison is a branch from the madison tree thats absorbs abnormal amounts of alcohol. Due to this the tree does not use chlorophyl as a food substance and is white.

2. Also the name of a bangin blonde who is also a certified badass.

3. Someone who knows how amazing the Steelers truly are.
That madison stores a large ammount alcohol in her belly.

Your awesome, your name must be Madison!

Of course the Steelers are good, I'm definatly a Madison.
by teekay6969 January 19, 2009
an overdramatic, attention whore, who sucks men off.

she's also a bitch.
Did you hear about that slore named Madison? She did that guy really hard then complained about it to her mother.
by yomamazzzzz July 11, 2011
Word used for to replace swear words. makes conversation sound more polite.
Jeffy-"dude, i madisoned that girl all night long."
Billy-"what the madison are you telling me this for? your madison gross!"
by Jeffy the awesome September 02, 2008