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Madison is a town in New Haven County, Conn. First settled in 1641, Madison is known as East Guilford until it was named Madison in 1841. This town does have some of flaws though. 95% of the people are white and the rest are either Asian or other races and it is too far from everything. It is 45 minutes from New Haven and farest eat in the county. It is full of stuck up whiteys and NO black people. So basically, if it was known as East Guilford, it's just like Guilford.
Oh we're going to Madison, CT. That's the place full of stuck up white people, isn't it?
by whoareyou25 July 14, 2011
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Madison is a small costal town in southern Connecticut. It has many attractions, and is often respected as a hidden gem. It recieves hundreds of tourists per year, mainly wealthy city livers looking for a relaxing summer beach vacation. It has exceptional education and sports programs. The town has wonderful facilities and many special spots. Although it's beautiful in many areas, it is also plagued with wealth and ignorance. An average household income is over $100,000, and the residents sure do flaunt their money. Vineyard vines and other preppy nautical brands are the norm. Children are raised in a bubble, mingling with exteremely small amounts of diversities in schools. Kids and teens are not interested in learning about other cultures, they want to wear the latest brands and flaunt the newest iPhones. The community is most comparable to its nieghbor and largest rival, Guilford.
Kid 1: Who are we playing in the football game????

Kid 2: Daniel Hand High School from Madison, Ct. We'll probably lose.

Kid 1: why?

Kid 2: because of their skills don't get them touch downs, their daddy's money will.
by kath5 May 08, 2016
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