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A Madison Egg Beater is where you are doing a girl doggy style and really cramming it in to her, but decide you want to stick it up her ass. As you are cramming her ass, you get a nice lougie ready in your mouth and when you are about to ejaculate you flip her over, hock the lougie into her mouth and then shoot your load into her mouth as well; making the jism and lougie look like an egg on the stove. Now take your dick and ram it into her mouth and swirl it around like an egg beater.
I brought this bitch home last night from the bar and really wanted to pound it from behind. She begged for it in the ass and I obliged, but then I decided I wanted to give her a Madison Egg Beater- the dumb bitch swallowed it all!
by the squirter September 23, 2010
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