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Isms (see isms) that are supreme, or superior to the isms of others. Skills above and beyond those of others.
"Hey, you're good at that!"
"I gots the Mad Isms!"
by Mike K. February 16, 2005
1. something incredibly stupid that is said.
2. phrases of idiocy coined by Nate Spotts.
"If I were you, I'd hate you..."
"Dude, that was such a madism."
by Machai Matsuda February 28, 2005
Excellent Marijuana. Excellent Cannabis. Whateva ya want to call it.
"You got any of that 'mad ism' you hooked me up with last time."
by Diego Blunt August 10, 2003
A completely pointless and obviously stupid statement.
fu#@in donuts! Yeah!
by The Governator March 03, 2005