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A Alternative Rock/Punk Rock band formed in 2005 from Chicago, Illinois. As of right now, their members include Nathan Leone(Vocals), Mateo Camargo(Guitars and Programming), Matthew Leone (Bass), and Daniel Torelli (Drums).
"Imagine we were dead
Counting all the things we never did.

I remember when you told me
I should live like I'm dying
And not to close my eyes
While everything burns.

What are we waiting for?
These years are dying slowly,
Today is still in front of us
And we're breakin out
Cause today is now or never. "
- From "Now or Never" by Madina Lake
by gydro January 15, 2007
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person a: who your favorite band?
person b: madina lake! :D
by RiverPerson August 30, 2008
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THE most amazing band in the world.
Twins Nathan and Matthew Leone joined with Dan Torelli and Mateo Camargo to form Madina Lake, after both pairs broke away from previous band projects, 'Reforma' and 'The Blank Theory'.
Coheed & Cambria fan: I hate Madina Lake.
Madina Lake fan: I hate you.
by pseudonym ;) August 20, 2009
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