A person who is considered to be crazy on the outside, but is calm and relaxed on the inside. She loves foxes and adores inanimate objects, and often gets engaged with a spoon or a book just for a good laugh. She respects her friends and constantly defends the French language. She holds three identities: one for school, one for activities, and one for home. It's very easy to tell which one she's in. She loves to be unique, often hating new fads.
Wow, my girlfriend is just like Madeline! She's got so many personalities....
by Maddest of the O's April 10, 2011
Charismatic, beautiful, unique, creative and fun-loving.
She is blonde and brownish/golden eyed. Usually Madeline is quite short but thin and slightly muscular.
She appreciates gentleman but also wants independence in a relationship, she is teasingly sexy, and playfully charming. She is the ideal girlfriend she wants someone to love, and share her life with, her only fault is the amount of her time and energy she gives to people.
She has a somewhat child-like manner but happens to be very deep with an understanding for situations like she's really lived them. Intelligence she secretly uses when nobody's looking or when she is really motivated. Don't be fooled by her musical giggle, she has a certain sense of humor she only uses with those she is close to a person. If you look very closely you will realize that in everything she does she adds a bit of her creative-self, whether her dance beat in her little strut-like walk or how she wears her clothes.

Madeline usually goes by Madi because she doesn't like when people don't say her name right but rarely corrects them. She loathes the spelling of 'Maddie' so she goes with 'Madi'. She loves everything exotic and beautiful, because of her creative nature, she normally loves music but when she doesn't like a song she hates it. If you get to know her you will really love her, the only haters are the ones who misunderstand her.
Guy 1: Have you seen that girl Madeline?

Guy 2: Yeah she's really something special huh?

Guy 1: I've never seen anything like her before, she's got this like aura surrounding her that makes you just want to be near her.

Guy 2: That's a Madeline for you always doing something a bit different, in like an attractive way you know?

Guy 1: Yeah definitely not a try hard unlike other girls.

by Anastasia M. November 09, 2013
a girl who is very lovely and classy,usually uses good manners and is very mature and sophisticated. usually has brown hair and hazel eyes,though appearance may vary. madelines are usually short and may or may not be curvy. well known for there sense of humor and sarcasm and they're also good at listening to others problems and giving advice. alot smarted than they tend to let on because most madelines are afraid to stand out(unless its in a good way),though will do so regardless of whether they try are not.madeines hate it when you misprounce their name though they dont like starting conlicts and most likely wont correct you. madelines are very creative and are usually gifted in art or dance. they usually have great fashion and music tastes. if you know a Madeline or are a Madeline congratulations because you honey are amazing and beautiful and the only people who hate you are jealous,or are offended by your frankness and how you tell it how it is in most situations
"wow that girl is really cool,she must be a madeline"
by xo_Lady_ox August 12, 2014
A beautiful girl who loves to laugh and have fun. She has a soft spot for animals, especially cats. If you ever meet a Madeline, she will most likely become your bestie.
Random girl: Do you know who she is?
Another random girl: Yeah, that's Madeline! Everyone knows that!! She's the sweetest girl ever!
by beautiful_day8224 January 19, 2014
the sexiest person known to man. The answer to any question, because she is just that amazing. The way she walks, talks, and acts is the replica of a super model.
Guy: That girls HOT!
Friend: She must be a Madeline!

Math teacher: Whats 7+7?
Random Asian: Madeline!
by madelineisasexymofu November 30, 2011
Flawless of course! Most likely obsessed over a celebrity... A Madeline is often referred to as Sexy Goddess of Love and One Whom Makes Ovaries Explode. No one can keep their eyes of of her because her effort less beauty is remarkably captivating. She is the luckiest girl in the world and anyone is extremely lucky to have her. She is also classified as athletic or sporty and is a master in the art of fangirling. However she is not brightest of people. A Madeline can make anyones day but beware because she's kind of a bitch... She will cut you! She will often suggest that you move to a far away country, like Israel. Dont be alarmed when she refers to you as "Yentl", a "dwarf" or a "stupid stuck up barbie doll that will most likely marry a local plumber, gain 200 pounds and will then be know as Shamu the walking baby maker". She only means to tease. Some of her many catch phrases may include "Oh hell no" "Bitch please" "Begonce" "Its exhausting to look at you" "No me gusta" "Without alcohol there is nothing to live for" and "What up my niggers".

Madeline: Approach with caution!
That girl is totally turning me on. Such a Madeline!

That girl is too good to be true! She must be a Madeline!

Did you see how she just boomed that test? She is such a Madeline haha.

I sure do wish she was gay.
by Mynameissloth May 28, 2013
Girl that is really pretty and can always be a friend. also has rock hard boobs that crush your chest, can be a great person always their for you
that girl is pretty, shes a madeline
by true_names September 28, 2014
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