A girl who acts shy in front of adults but crazy with her friends. She defends anything she loves. She is very protective of her friends, and sometimes can act a bit mature, but will be silly instantly.
She isn't one to follow the crowd, and likes to stick out with her friends.
Madeline usually loves music, and gets excited over little things.
She doesn't like it much when her name is pronounced wrong, but doesn't speak up most of the time to tell hem wrong. She usually goes by the nickname Maddie, Maddy, or Madi.
"Who is that crazy girl over there?"

"Oh, that's Madeline."
by NIXI November 28, 2012
Top Definition
A most amazing girl. Beautiful, sexy, charming, mysterious, sweet and funny. A girl that all of the boys want and all of the girls admire. Extraordinary.
That girl is too good to be true! She must be a Madeline!
by Mark Zimmer August 23, 2006
The most amazing girl in the world and in the life of a very lucky young man shes beautiful funny loveable friendly amazing almost perfect flawless....ect you get the point
wow shes soo madeline
by Miles Finley January 26, 2009
The most amazing girl anyone could ever meet. She is beautiful and lovely, although she'll never admit it. Although quiet and a little bit shy, she is one of the best friends you could ever have.
Guy 1: Wow, who's that girl?

Guy 2: Her? That's Madeline. Beautiful, isn't she?

Girl 1: Madeline is such a good friend!

Girl 2: I know! I wish I was more like her!
by awesome0421 December 26, 2009
Madeline is the name of someone strong, loving, and absolutely beautiful. She generally has blond hair, blue eyes, and a personality that is not only sarcastic, but completely head strong in the best of ways. Her sarcasm is her mask, something she constantly hides behind until you've gotten close enough to really know her. Her eyes are the only way you'll catch her in a lie, when you really need to bug her she shies away from certain touch's.

She loves her friends abundantly, and they love her in return. Despite their differences, they always return to one another and remain as close as two pees in a pod. The Madeline loathes when her name is mispronounced, yet rarely corrects too many people. She generally just goes by Maddie.

She's the type of friend you'll have forever, regardless of the up's and downs. She's your best friend, your sister, and the girl you can lean on from now until the day you die.
That Girl reminds me entirely of Madeline
by browncrack November 27, 2010
1. one of those amazing french cookies they sell at starbucks and other various retailers.

2. a female that is so nice that when they talk to you, you cant bring yourself to be mean to them
lets get some madelines at starbucks.

i cant bring myself to tell madeline she is annoying.
by Youarenotaslave January 20, 2007
A Madeline is the most beautiful girl in the world. She has a boyfriend that adores her and would trade anything to be with her. She's usually tall, with blue eyes that shine like the sea, and a figure any guy would kill for. A kiss from her is enough to drive anyone mad. She's loyal to all her friends and never backs down from a challenge. She has great taste in music and clothes, a fashion sense all her own. It's an absolute privilege to know a Madeline.
guy 1 "who's THAT!?"
guy 2 "oh that's Madeline, she's awesome!"
by Magic_mike7107 December 14, 2012
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