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A Sluttish Whore bag, Who only cares about herself.
She is selfish, self centred.
And makes long everlasting love to a 28 year old Italian random pedophile, then claims he raped her.
Hypochondriac lesbian asian tranny with a pink strap on dildo that moves electrical currents through her body. also known as the orgasmatron.
she likes to fake having "a broken arm" to get out of P.E because she's a lazy skank, who's a teachers pet =]
she likes to suck teachers cocks and carpet munch their carpet =]
"She Is such a Madeline Best"
*One Day in P.E*
(Playing vollyball*
"Here hit the ball Maddy"
(Hit's ball)
:'( wahhhhhhhhhh blah blah blah I need it to be put into a swing :(
by suck my cock whore August 30, 2008
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