A female name, meaning Son of Maud. Has droped in popularity since 1996. Other more common ways to spell this name are Madisen, Maddison, Madison this is a beautiful girl's name.
Also known for a teacher who enjoys getting to know her students sexually.
That girls name is Maddisen it's such a cool name
by waterbottle121 November 17, 2011
Top Definition
An extremely intelligent brunette, who values her family more than anything. Maddisen appreciates nature and loves animals. A lover, who always wants to be nurturing and sympathetic, not a fighter. Maddisen's tend to be talented veterinarians and committed to helping those in need. She stands up for what she believes is right. Maddisen is always looking to please others (whom she looks up to). Maddisen's are talkative, fun, sensitive, gorgeous, loyal friends, nice, intuitive, determined, strong-willed, persistent, loving, creative, smart, and natural leaders.
Maddisen is a Rose. Rare and Beautiful, Maddisen.
Maddisen, from her father Matthew the Gift Of God.
Maddisen, an angel from the heavens above.
Maddisen, the best friend anyone could ask for, she is always there for me.
Maddisen Rose 🌹
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